Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wild Kingdom of a Future

Three Weeks. She has been in our family, and our care for three weeks.

Tonight as we were all trailing down to the pool, with Sveta in tow,  dancing and singing in her Dora the Explorer swimsuit, Peyton looks at us and says "it seems like she has been with us forever..."

Yes, Peyton it does.

We can't imagine life without this little girl.

Three weeks ago we took her out of her home, an orphanage - a "baby house" in Nicolaev, Ukraine. That was a long, long night. Sveta was overwhelmed and cried for an hour or more as I tried to calm her. She eventually calmed and fell asleep, completely drained, in my arms.

We wondered how we would make it through the rest of our life with Sveta. She seemed to want to go back to her "groupa"....how would we make her a part of our family..something we desperately wanted for her..and for us? 

The first weeks have been hard, challenging, adjustments on every level. I have fallen asleep at night wondering what God has asked of us. Will we adjust Lord?


A resounding, overwhelming, with trumpets blaring YES!!!!

But adjustments will come little by little and with more patience than we can muster sometimes. I personally call on the Lord daily for energy ( I am OLD!), wisdom, and for the Lord to continue to use us. Somehow..this happens through our children. Our Peyton, wise beyond his years helps us with adjustments, wisdom and even patience. Ever wonder how siblings will adjust?

Peyton willingly helps out in any way with his little sister. He is helping her to learn to trust her family.

We love this little girl...a love God has placed in our hearts.

She is the sweetest blessing.

I am so thankful for all my children.

Children. It's a wild kingdom around here...but blessings abound.


Her COLOR is better, her SKIN feels different, her HAIR is growing, she is GAINING weight, she SMELLS different...

She is OURS.

She is home.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Adjustment is for life. It's good, bad, and in between. Tonight we had to call security to unlock a door in the condo...why? Sveta had locked it and despite all attempts we couldn't break into the room. What did she do when security arrived?

Grinned her million dollar smile and shrugged her shoulders.

Adoption has changed our lives. It's not for every family...but if you feel the tug...and answer the call...it's a journey of blessings and trial beyond measure. Worth it?


It's a Wild Kingdom of a future....Follow Us There!


Renee said...

She looks amazing! Well she looked amazing before but now, EVEN MORE!!! You are so blessed, sweet friend. Love you Grits...hope you are having a wonderful time.

Becky said...

Wow, her color is so much better, amazing! She looks beautiful!