Friday, July 1, 2011

Cutie Patootie From Baby House 19

Another cutie patootie in a purple sweater. She is such a doll baby and we have fallen in love with her too. Oh my soul...she needs her own mama and papa. Spunk and fire and sweet rolled into one little girl - we pray laws will either change or a family will come for her when she turns five. It's so hard seeing her everyday and getting to know her..knowing we will soon leave her.

Sveta in Summer 2011's Orphanage Couture.

Sveta with one of the volunteers who visit the orphanage. These people are amazing, loving, giving and LOVE the children. We are so thankful God has placed them in our path.

Sveta with Oksana and friend. Beautiful Oksana.
She has become so very special to us. She and a group of friends volunteer in Sveta's orphanage.
The Lord has overwhelmed us with meeting so many believers here in Ukraine.




Our time here has been so much more than our adoption of Sveta Josie.

It's been all about Him.

The one who brought us here. Caused our paths to cross so many others.

It's a wonder we dont walk around sobbing all the time!

He has orchestrated it all.

For those of you who are behind us...keep on going. It's worth it. One minute, one hour, one day at a time. God has weaved this path for YOU and YOUR child and knows exactly the steps and timing.

Remain Steadfast.

You are not making a mistake or venturing out on some crazy self righetous adventure.

Your path is to your child.

Okay...More pictures anyone??

Hmmm...if I could just get this cell phone to call someone...

oh man am I tired of you any new toys??

 No. I am not pregnant even though it looks like I am sporting a maternity shirt. No Sveta is not a cone head. Too funny.

Hellooooooo...any more fruit snacks in there?

She is our cutie patootie from baby house 19. Our little girl. Spunk and Fire.
Tearing playdough open with her teeth.
Yep. That's her.

Sveta Josie

Little One. Spitfire. Alley Cat. Chipmunk.





We are not special. We are not stronger. We are not more patient.

We were not "called"

Please do not separate yourself from the profile of an adoptive family simply because you dont think you are equipped, called or special.

We thank God he showed us it's not about US. We are NONE of the things you would think you need to be to adopt a child.

What we are is followers.

Yep. Followers. Not leaders.


Of One Great God.


Becky said...

Aw, thats my Alyona. Love that girl. It broke my heart to gave to hug her and tell her goodbye. I pray the law changes, I will never stop advocating for her. darling as ever. I can't believe how grown she looks!

Renee said...

Well I think you all are pretty amazing no matter what...and Sveta, tearing the playdoh open with her teeth...she must have some Alabama blood in her some kinda way... :) Love you and take care of each other.

Katrina Maye Winn said...

Ah this hurts so much to read. That cute spunky girl - "Brigitte" was supposed to be ours. Receiving news that the SDA is staying open was so bittersweet - because kids under 5 are now officially un-adoptable, and she won't be coming home to us any time soon. I pray that the laws change soon, and I am SO thankful that you were able to get Sveta in time. She's so precious - and finally yours forever! :-)