Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yes, Sveta..One mama, One daddy..

Life has been a blur but it is getting easier as we are working on  routine. Sveta thrives on a schedule and she is learning more english - it's funny the first sentence she will say now without prompting is "I love you!" She will say Peyton and Paige's name in her little four year old voice. She says "dada" now for Daddy and sometimes calls me mommy instead of mama.

She is trying new foods and is no longer living on potatoes and bananas. She even tried popcorn last night! We are celebrating every little accomplishment and working on how to handle the times Sveta gets overwhelmed. I can now see it coming and try to avoid being around too many people. We are mostly just staying around the house but Peyton and Paige have gymnastics/crossfit twice a week and Sveta has to go. Usually it's okay but Tuesday there was a clinic at the gym and LOTS of people. I have learned one way Sveta "checks out" and handles overstimulation is by going to the potty every 1.5 seconds. So, we did that alot and I tried to keep her on my lap and quiet. I could see at the end of the hour she was beginning to melt down.....meltdowns for Sveta dont involve tantrums but wildly erratic behavior like running around in circles screaming (not crying) just squealing. Not listening to anyone and running away from me when I tell her no. I could see it coming and tried getting the kids together and out of there before Sveta meltdown occurred.

Sveta is a sweet, affectionate little girl and people observing her will say "oh she is adjusting so well" but I promise you we are very aware of the coping skills Sveta is working on with our help. She is doing the very best she can and IS doing amazing considering what all she is trying to process - her life has been turned upside down.

No child can come through being institutionalized for any length of time unscathed.

There are things Sveta was trying to tell me last night which broke my heart. Without going into detail I will just say I told her she was safe and never had to go back there again. She kissed my face over and over and said " I love you, I love you. one mama, one dada."

Yes, Sveta - ONE mama, ONE daddy.

And we will never let you go.

So...if you know us and see us out understand she has learned to fight for survival, to put on a "happy" face out of necessity for life in an orphanage and that God is continuing to work in our hearts to understand all Sveta is facing. If you have emailed, called, texted or sent message by carrier pigeon know I am just swamped and promise I am not ignoring you. Thank you to the wonderful ladies who have brought us meals! You can't imagine what a blessing this has been as that is the most difficult time of day. My brain is usually fried and I actually accidentally locked the exterminator IN our house today. Yep.

Fun times.

We head to the beach for a while next week and pray our time together with just the five of us will help to create even more bonding. Sveta loves all the attention and loves the water so it should be fun...and busy.

Sweet baby asleep...I love her so much. I find myself thanking her birthmother for giving her up. I will never know the circumstances which led Sveta to be left in the hospital but thank God He placed her in our family.


Heidi said...

Awww, how sweet, Kim! <3 Praying y'all have a good trip to the beach!

Renee said...

Sweet friend, know that I am here if you need me. Sveta is so lucky to have you for a momma. Sending prayers your way. Have fun at the beach!

AdriKrehbiel said...

I am so happy she seems to understand that she now has one mommy and one daddy forever! That is so sweet, it makes me want to cry. My husband and I just got back yesterday from our week in Eastern Europa visiting our son for the first time. we hope to bring him back in October.

Crystal said...

I love this post, so sweet and so honest. It broke my heart to read that she was telling you things about the orphanage and that she now has one mama and one dada. Oh, how I wish we could rescue them all, the other faces left behind haunt me. As hard as it is at times, I wish that I could go back for more.

I am so glad she is finally in your family and can truly learn what it means to be loved.