Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th America!!

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We Miss All Our Friends And Family!!!
Have a wonderful blessed 4th of July!
We can't wait to make the journey HOME to the U.S.A.!!!

Tomorrow is a BIG day for us here!!

We pray all the paperwork can be done and that tonight will be Sveta's last night in the orphanage.

Yesterday we found "kinder surprise" eggs  - chocolate with a treat in the middle. Oh my goodness she shoved the whole thing in her mouth. I think she was worried either a) she would be spied by a nanny and be told she couldn't have it or b) afraid another little kid would take it away!
None the less...she loved it!

Today was an exciting day for us and Sveta...when we got to the orphanage she was all dolled up in these frilly poofy cotton ball looking bows. She was so cute!
The silly camera blurred the first picture I took of her then these had a little too much light behind them.
You can see her huge boo boo in between her eyes. Ms. Daredevil lept off a chair sometime last week while she was with her groupa!
Sveta got to see her good friend Danil again today - he was at the baby house with her until last fall and he was just adopted by a wonderful family we have had the honor of getting to know!
Danil and his mom were at the baby house saying goodbye to everyone and Sveta got to see him again!
Then...we got to take Sveta to have her passport photo done.
Oh. My. Goodness.
She was beyond amazed at all the sights.
She kept chattering on and on about "machinas" (cars) and a million other things.
It was precious.
The lady at the photo place kindly blurred out her huge boo boo in between her eyes and we ended up with a cutie patootie in poofy bows for her first passport.
We all went back to the orphanage but it was time for lunch so we had to say goodbye to her.
She looked so confused!
I almost started bawling.
But tomorrow evening we pray we can get her out of the baby house.

I have to say the timing is not lost on us...our daughter Emma's birthday here on earth was July 6th. She would have turned 10 years old, had she lived.

Honestly I am just speechless that God has orchestrated the timing like this. The first full day we have Sveta in our care will be Emma's birthday.

In Awe.

Never, ever doubt HE knows exactly the path He has you on.

Let go and trust.

So many times along this journey I have tried to be in control and through friends and the word I have been reminded its all in the Lord's perfect timing.

Sitting here 4,000 something miles from home, it couldn't be more clear to me.

Blessings from far away!

Eat hot dogs, hamburgers and watch fireworks for us!



Renee said...

I am in awe too. God is so good. Steve's dad died the day before Jack's birthday a few years ago. I often think God knew Steve was going to have a hard time so He gave us Jack's birthday to celebrate instead of us concentrating on the sadness... It is so hard to step back and see the big picture, but sometimes when you just takes your breath away.. Much, much love, Renee

Becky said...

Go spring that baby girl! She has such a sweet voice!