Thursday, January 29, 2015

Her Wide Open Heart

2013. One summer. Two girls. 


This week, one met her forever family.

Oh, how God has worked through these girls to show his grace, compassion and redemption.

The sweltering summer day we drove Luda (on the left) to the airport and watched her slowly drift out of sight, I wondered if we would ever see her again.We had prayed for God to show us if she was our daughter and repeatedly heard "No". This was both heartbreaking and confusing. 

All of our "Why" questions were answered with truth - Luda had another family God hand picked for her.

Luda's family has worked so very long to get to her. In God's perfect timing they are now with Luda. I can't wait to watch their story unfold. 

Thank you God for the Rose family's faith and for remaining steadfast in your timing.

They shared a little about their time so far:

"Thank You for carrying us through our first appointment,
for the completeness of Luda's records and for her astounding good health,

for her intake picture from just four years ago that revealed such a pain and loss in her eyes,

as we are even more confident in the healing You're Presence in her life has so obviously accomplished already,

Thank You for Luda,

for her wide-open heart that seems more-than-ready and excited to receive us,
for her story that You'll undoubtedly use for Your glory, to draw more hearts to You,
and for choosing our family and so many others to play a part in it!!!"

Yes, Lord thank you. 
For bringing two girls into our home and our hearts that summer. For allowing us to be a part of this story. For loving these girls, for the faith which grew in each of them during that summer so long ago. 

For using us as mere instruments in your plan.

For  Luda, and her wide open heart, finally wrapping her arms around the mama she has yearned for. For the little brothers and father who will be sure to make her laugh. 

For her faith, her transformation.

I truly am in  awe of  your great love.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Scream Heard Round The World!!

Many know the summer of 2013 we hosted a beautiful young lady, Luda. I wrote a little about that journey HERE. The family adopting her has been on a roller coaster journey to get her for the past year 1/2. Luda has been waiting, so very long for them. 

But today, today I got THIS news...the Rose family leaves this WEEK to begin the process of bringing her home, FINALLY! I literally screamed with JOY! They literally had less than a weeks notice. HA! And I thought the 10 days notice our family had back in 2011 was difficult!

Her family is going to bring her home. Its sinking in for me. I think of her often, her artwork still adorns our home. I am praying for their family as they complete the next parts of the adoption journey. I can't wait to see Luda home with her family. 

Finally, all my prayers - a family for Luda, is coming to fruition.

Luda with our girls after arriving to the US. Summer 2013

Monday, January 19, 2015

Let It....


Sveta channeling her inner Elsa.

The sun finally came out and we have been enjoying a beautiful weekend. 

Doorbell ringing non stop with friends wanting to play. 

Windows open, fresh air pouring in the house.

Playing outside.

Thankful for family & friends.

Learning to be still and wait in His timing. 

He brought our little one, Sveta, home exactly when it was His timing.