Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Scream Heard Round The World!!

Many know the summer of 2013 we hosted a beautiful young lady, Luda. I wrote a little about that journey HERE. The family adopting her has been on a roller coaster journey to get her for the past year 1/2. Luda has been waiting, so very long for them. 

But today, today I got THIS news...the Rose family leaves this WEEK to begin the process of bringing her home, FINALLY! I literally screamed with JOY! They literally had less than a weeks notice. HA! And I thought the 10 days notice our family had back in 2011 was difficult!

Her family is going to bring her home. Its sinking in for me. I think of her often, her artwork still adorns our home. I am praying for their family as they complete the next parts of the adoption journey. I can't wait to see Luda home with her family. 

Finally, all my prayers - a family for Luda, is coming to fruition.

Luda with our girls after arriving to the US. Summer 2013

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