Who are we? We are boring. We are way too normal. We have been married over 20 years and have walked through many things as a family. 

We are ordinary people serving an extraordinary God. We don't have all the answers but He does. We are nothing special but He is equipping us to do work in His name. He gets ALL the glory in this.

We have four children. Three are still walking with us here on earth.  One dancing in heaven. Emma is our "Little Bit" who blessed us for nearly four years with her amazing life. Emma had cockayne syndrome and she passed away in our arms when she was three years old. She wasn't defined by a diagnosis and our family was never defined by having a child with medical and special needs. Emma was LIGHT, LOVE and HOPE. She taught us every day.

 And she never spoke a word.

Our faith is the cornerstone to our existence and we know we will see her again.
Through Emma's life we have seen greater glimpses of His amazing love.

We wouldn't change a thing.

We have been blessed to bring our youngest into our family through the miracle of adoption - SJ is light, love and filled with joy. We can't imagine life without her. Our lives have been so much fuller because of her and we thank God for placing her into our family!

SJ  - Sveta Josie - Josie means "the Lord will multiply"
Adopted into our family June 24, 2011

SJ- 2014