Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Journey with Emma is here!

My daughter Emma was born with a rare genetic disorder called Cockayne Syndrome. She lived to be three years old and through her life, God showed me my true Him. 

I carried a facade of trying to make the world beliefe I had it together for a very long time, but Emma's life taught me that when we let the facades fall and share our brokenness, we allow God to show how He heals our hearts. 

My book, My Journey With Emma is the story of Emma's life and what came after for me. It is the story of why I can say "it is well with my soul" and how God can bring tremendous peace and good out of suffering and pain. 

My Journey With Emma is a story of hope, truth and redemption. 

To order My Journey With Emma go to Circle of Hope, the non profit organization created in Emma's memory. It serves to support families and children with life threatening illness, special needs and families adopting children. All proceeds from My Journey With Emma go to Circle of Hope.

I am honored to walk the journey of love and loss with others and pray you feel God's deepest blessings and peace in your own journey. Please email me at if you are a family needing help or simply need to talk. 

Much love, Kim

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