Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what if..

 We have had many questions asked to us...many what if's.

What if there is something wrong with her?

What will your "real" kids think? What will this do to them?

What if she can't speak English? (umm...she CAN'T but she is LEARNING!)

What if, what if, what if..?


God knows EXACTLY what He is doing.

And HE knew SHE was our CHILD.

It is not a question. He knows EXACTLY what the plan is.

What IF...?

He has ordained it ALL through His mercy.

And HE knows exactly what the outcome will be.

Siblings hugging nonstop.


What If?

What if...you are exhausted. Your expectations are completely different from reality? You wonder what in the world God is asking of you.

Oh. It will happen - you will be tired. Overwhelmed. Frustrated even.


What if...

You continue to TRUST that He knows the plan and will show you the way. No matter how that plan looks.

What if...

His plan is greater than anything you could have orchestrated?

Friends, we are tired! But He is GOOD. And every morning we wake knowing it is a new day to enjoy our sweet family - expanded through the blessing of


It is LOUD here, full of LOVE, HUGS, non stop "I LOVE YOU's" and PEACE.



Renee said...

It will be okay...take notes for me. Hopefully I will need them very soon. :)

Kahla said...


Missy said...

Thank you, I needed this post. Thanks for the reminder that God has this under control, I just need to trust him and accept his plan.