Monday, February 21, 2011

Updates and Sickies

I realized I haven't really posted any updates on where we are in the process. Our homestudy is almost complete and we are just waiting on a couple of things to pull it all together. We are working bit by bit on our dossier paperwork (fancy word for lots and lots of papers)! And there there is the whole "raise a whole lot of money" factor.

A couple of fundraisers are in the works and wow...I will just say God uses ALL of his people to be hands and feet of Jesus here on earth. When we first started this journey I had no idea of the plan God would lay out to get Little One home. I just trusted it would happen.

I can't wait to watch it all unfold knowing it has all passed through His hands first.

I will say, the past few weeks have been rough for several different reasons. Without going into detail we have been dealing with some issues that I honestly don't comprehend. I believed that all we learned from the gifts Emma brought to our lives, that these lessons would be ingrained into those close to us forever. Acceptance, loving unconditionally, seeing beyond the surface of one's physical abilities, realizing God sees those viewed as the lowest of the low as the highest.  We don't love someone because of what they can give back to us but because God first loved US. Emma taught us to love the way God loves. Sadly, I see many of the lessons she brought have been forgotten by some who knew her.

God gave us a gift by our daughter Emma being born with special needs and ultimately passing away. It hurts my heart to see people treat children with special needs differently. Because understand this - we are all flawed, broken, dirty, covered in filth - this is how we come to God and he loves us anyway. He sees our heart, not what is on the outside.

We love Little One and welcome her into our arms without hesitation or fear knowing fully well there will be battle scars she carries that only God and a lifetime of being loved can ever heal. God has grown in our hearts a love for Little On that only He could do. We pray for those who will never understand this kind of love. It's sad, truly sad.

As for the sickies - it's a saga that just won't end. Both kids have been sick and now me. We are literally up to our ears in illness for two weeks. Who knew strep could come back and come back and a kid could still run a temp while on antibiotics. I need a bottle of lysol attached to my hip. Just a month ago I was commenting to a friend "my kids never get strep". Apparently that is the wrong thing to say. The strep bacteria police arrived at our home and haven't left yet.

Now I would have to say "well, my kids never DID get strep until I said they never got strep then they DID get strep and it wouldn't go away." Of course right now I would have to whisper because my throat is so swollen. I LOVE for my kids to share...but NOT GERMS!

Pray for all illness to sweep it's way out of our home and for the remainder of our homestudy to be wrapped up. And oh, for my laundry to put itself away all on its own. I can dream right?


The Monier Family said...

Bless you! I pray that everyone gets healthy and that things continue to move forward for your family!

Renee said...

Quit chewing on those old antibiotics you found in your medicine cabinet and get thy self to a doctor... And don't even get me started on how people should be acting after all that Emma tried to teach them... Get better and get those other people some professional help...Lord knows you got enough on your mind without all that drama, mama. :)

Love finds a way,

Karen said...

Personally I don't think it is a coincidence that you are all experiencing sickness like never before. While I am not trying to be weird about it, truth is truth and if we believe God's word, we know that when we are in His will that we WILL experience opposition from the enemy! When I was praying about when to talk to my husband about Ivan, my family was THE SICKEST we have ever been. Like my 4 year old had 2 UTIs and everyone except our 4 month old was sick as dogs with the flu...yes on top of a UTI! My husband was terribly sick for over 2 weeks!! I can't thinking that the conversation would never happen and how in the world would we bring in another child, with special needs at that, in the midst of the chaos we were experiencing. I began wondering if I had really heard from the Lord about Ivan. A very dear friend reminded me that the enemy would love nothing more for the enemy to persuade me with discouragement and that the Father does not author confusion!!! All to say, I will pray that your hearts will be encouraged and that everything will move forward and you will all BE WELL!!! btw..I am sure you have done this, but did you replace all of your toothbrushes?:)