Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fundraising Gone Wild

What do one crazy Cajun, one southerner who calls herself mama grits and one Miss Alabama 1992 have in common? Besides insanity...


If you have been following my friend Renee's adoption blog you know she challenged everyone to a throw down. Raise a certain amount of money by March 1st and I agreed to post an updated pic of my older than dirt self. Well...Renee got her money to help bring her baby girl home and a deals a deal so here you go.

Now, y'all didn't think I could let this go without a little southern sarcasm did ya?

Now who wants to guess how old I was yesterday on my birthday? I feel another throw down coming on.


Bambi said...

You're beautiful, and you have a gorgeous smile :)

Becky said...

My guess is 29! I WIN!
(apparently my husband was logged in on my computer for the first comment.... :))