Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because Renee Thinks I Am Nuts

* NEWS FLASH! I finally figured out why my blog header was thumbelina size. Crisis averted. The old brain actually does work*
LOL LOL LOL. But I promise this is the way the header looked when I opened it after Renee emailed it to me!!! Okay. Need chocolate. Renee can you just book a flight to Alabama to take a look see?

I DO have an important bit of information about passports and drivers licenses though for those travelling abroad. Just learned today.

MAKE SURE your name on both passport and drivers license match exactly or you will be detained according to the lady we got our passports from. I have my maiden name, middle initial and married name on my license. Probably because I was still in college when I got married and had so much info with my maiden name still, so I kept it on my drivers license and added my married name. When I applied for my passport I put my legal name which is now on my social security card. First, Middle and Married names. 

Shaking head...this has led to a big problem since the two documents must match. SO. I went to get my license changed to match the other documents. Nope. Even though they have my social security card with full name they have to see my birth certificate.

Pause to grit teeth.

Okay. Fine. Even though it took a legal, notarized document to get my social security card changed to my legal name way back when I was married 18 years ago, they still need my birth certificate to verify my MIDDLE name!!!

People, why would someone make up a middle name?

Why would my social security card have my middle name if it was not the real deal?

I don't think we are dealing with common sense here. It's called RED tape.

And why I ask must any line involved with the state, county, etc. be so incredibly long, hot, and filled with a whole lot of folks who do not believe in soap or deodorant? Is it too much to ask for a chair? A fan? A gas mask?


Becky said...

Is it too much for people to have compassion and a brain? Apparently. I'm sorry, we dealt with this runaround with a couple different documents too, to where I was seriously considering pulling out my crazy eyes and alligator tears just to get the attention of people who would HELP ME before my head blew off.

So yeah, I understand. Its all for the greater good, and soon that sweet little girlie will be in your arms and you will forget (or block out?) all of this.

Renee said...

Grits, you are nuts but not for reasons that concern your header. I just wanted to say thanks, my husband is frantically running around the house looking for our passports to see if our names match what is on our licenses. And he just walked up and said his doesn't. Between you and him, I don't even know how I keep an ounce of sanity. :)

Love finds a way,

Karen said...

Good stuff to know and I am laughing out loud! You are so funny! Speaking of red tape...just found out that my hubby's birth cert. is older than 12 months as is our marr. lic. SO, that means I have to order new ones so that VA and DC will actually Apostille them. Between ordering new ones and the Apostille, it will prob cost between $115-130.FOR.TWO.DOCUMENTS!!!...not to mention the time going through the mail....aahhhhh...so frustrating!