Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I have no IDEA...

Why the header of my blog is teeny tiny. Believe me I have tried multiple things and still, tiny.

My awesome friend Renee from Chasing Moonlight kindly sent me a redone header but for some reason it was hot pink. LOL. The colors were skewed and not doing what they were supposed to. I think Renee believes I have gone nuts. But no...it's technology. Really.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Things are getting quite busy around here. Chasing paperwork and a huge reading program at Paige's school is about to begin and last for five weeks. I have had the honor of getting the "guest readers" which includes; a former Mrs.America (who is super smart and also a lawyer!), the mayor, a master falconer (live owls), a children's author, pizza tossers, and on and on. So much fun for the children!!! But busy, busy, busy! Where is this school year going? Our children are doing so great in school making all A's and an occasional B! We are so proud of them.

Which leads me to last weekend. On Saturday we had the great pleasure of meeting many other families adopting from the same far away land as us. We were hosted by a family who returned from far away land last year after adopting three of the most precious, lovely, huggable, smart, so sweet little children. Oh my word what a joy to pick up those doll babies and love on them, hug them and hear their little laughs. And we were blown away by how our own children LOVED those sweet babes. How kind and gentle the P's were and how they didn't even notice the children had any special needs. Quite amazing and humbling.

To be as innocent, open hearted and non-judgemental as a child. Now that is a wonderful lesson to take.

And the food....okay I am loving the traditional food we were served in honor of the far away land we hope to someday go to. Seriously, I have been eating left overs for days. Yum!! Okay friends...off to get more paperwork done! Have a Blessed, Joy Filled Day!

And oh, if you have any tips for making that silly blog header bigger PLEASE let me know!

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Renee said...

I have a tip, let someone else do it... :)

I just sent you another one. Did you mean to put that ransom font on there, cause I didn't use that font on the new one??

We'll keep trying, maybe one of the P's can help.. :)