Thursday, March 26, 2015

Where It All Began

Our host "daughter" Lucy (in black), summer 2013

In 2011 we adopted our little one, Sveta Josie. In 2013 we were led to host. I had never really understood hosting and wondered if it was unfair to the child to have a them come for summer then send them back. Now I understand that for older kids, hosting can serve as the last hope of a family finding them. Our host girl, now Lucy, has lived a lifetime of harsh reality and heartbreak. She shared with us many things from her life that summer. Most of all, she shared she deeply longed for family. Her own, forever family. 
She is introspective, artistic and expressive through writing.
She expressed how hard it was living as an orphan with no one to cheer her on in life, school, activities. She needed a mom, a dad. 
A family.
That summer was an up and down journey. 
We had never had a teenage daughter and certainly struggled with language.
Our teen son would blast his american music while Lucy would blast her russian. It was like a music war upstairs. 
There were times I hid in my room.
There was a lot of laughter, silliness, tears, misunderstandings, drama, and prayer.
God worked in each of our hearts that summer.
Lucy asked the Lord into her heart that summer, tears streaming down her face, overwhelmed by how much she is loved.
As I rejoice that Lucy is finally home with her family I am reminded that it all began that summer, 2013. I am honored our family played a part in Lucy's family finding her.
We will forever have a connection to this sweet girl.
I was reading an early blog post of Lucy's mom's and am reminded Jesus really IS our Knight in Shining Armor. His plan is perfect.

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