Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meet the Clark Family

This is a picture of some of the kiddos from Sveta's groupa in 2011.
All of the children on the back row have either been adopted or were sent to foster care situations. Sveta is the one wearing the poofs on her head (it was passport pic day).
I don't know what happened to the little chub of love in yellow on the front row.

But I am thrilled to announce the moppet in the red and white dress finally has a family coming for her! 

This particular little girl always stood out to Eli and I. She always had a smile and was forever trying to crawl into our arms. She has been on my heart for years, and I have prayed for the day she too would have a family of her own.

The Clark family has a precious little boy they adopted around the same time we adopted Sveta. He is thriving and is looking forward to having two new siblings. Bobbie and Grant Clark have once again said yes to adoption and are bringing home two beautiful girls, and I couldn't be more happy to support them. It takes a village of prayer, support and rallying around a family to bring a child out of darkness, something the enemy does not want to happen.
I am sharing this family with you because the little girl they are adopting has always been very special to our family and was a part of Sveta's life. 
I feel it is important to help other people when God lays something on your heart. 
Even if you are not led to donate would you consider sharing their story and praying for their journey? 
Whatever you do, it makes a tremendous impact.
To offer the Clark family financial support or a note of encouragement go to their 
Adopt Together Site HERE or Here through reece's rainbow.

To follow the Clark's journey check out their blog HERE.

Many blessings Clark family on this journey and I am keeping you in my prayers!

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