Friday, February 27, 2015

Picture Overload

I haven't written many updates since last summer (if any) because the blog was inactive and private for quite a while, due to an issue we had to report to federal authorities. 

Hopefully we are past that and I can share a little more.

Since last May, Little One turned 7. She had her party at Pump It Up. Perfect place for 20 something kids to get all their energy out, and no clean up for parents. This was her third birthday home and the first time we had it at an outside place (not at home). She had a blast with her friends. She is already making plans for her 8th birthday party. As in, "can I have a sleepover with 20 friends and go to the roller rink?" Ummm...yeah, not yet little one. 

No picture can really do this experience justice...a high velocity wind tunnel which caused them to squeal, laugh and beg to go over and over. The kids loved this more than the inflatables!

Spending time with family during the summer:

Watching these precious cousins grow up together makes me so happy. I never would have imagined that my brother and I would have so many little girls between our two families. 

Paige started 5th grade and Sveta 1st grade.

Sveta got glasses to help her when reading. She loves them! But we have to remind her not to wear them to the cafeteria and lose them there. To later be found by a neighbor friend and returned onto our front porch. At 7am.

She still has those huge blue eyes. Such a beautiful, sweet hearted little girl. With amazing tanning abilities, even when slathered with sunscreen. 

More time with family at Thanksgiving

Trying to get a family picture never works. We look like a band of squinty eyed vagrants. Wind. Sun. My dad as the photographer. Eh.

Paige had her  11th birthday. There were a LOT of little girls at this one and I think it will be the last sleepover hurrah. We had to call in adult reinforcements. In case you didn't know this, 14 little girls feet smell as bad as a teen boy's hockey gym bag. This was after "blind makeover" , some of them got a little carried away. Some were just over it and washed it all off.

Did a photo shoot with Paige to figure out how to use my camera in manual mode. I need more practice. Obviously.

Pey turned 15. And got his drivers permit. We need helmets and medication to prevent anxiety when riding with him. Paige prays in the car regularly now. She crosses herself as if she were Catholic.
I just try not to hyperventilate. I feel the need to apologize to my parents for my teen years, often.

Can't even get a serious picture. 

It snowed in the south. Our dog looks like he is singing "I believe I can fly" 

Another example of what happens when I try to take their picture together.


Looking forward to spring, warm weather and the adventures summer may bring.

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