Monday, February 23, 2015

Spirit Lead Me

I want to share with you the story of someone very special. 

This is Jordyn with "Y" in December 2013. 

God connected Jordyn to Y in a way that surpassed language barriers, culture and background.

Jordyn has the heart of a missionary and is raising funds for an upcoming mission trip to Haiti. She is trying to sell 100 shirts in the next 27 days. Let's help her be hands and feet on earth in Haiti, no matter how big or small she thinks her impact is reaching :) I can promise Jordyn this, when you say Yes to God and your eyes have been opened, there are no small impacts. 

Little ripples cause tidal waves for the kingdom of God.

This is the shirt:

Go to Jordyn's booster page to grab a shirt HERE.

But before you do, read Jordyn's testimony:

Rewind to Le Caye, Haiti, February 2014. The For Life Ministries team pulled into Ebenezer’s Children’s Home for the first time. As all of the kids hugged and kissed cheeks I caught sight of one little girl standing back, arms crossed with no smile. My mom has always taught us to reach out to the outcast, to love even when love isn’t given in return. So… that’s what I did.  I spent the next 6 days with that sweet girl on my hip; loving her, kissing her cheeks and smiling at her. I found out later that she had only arrived 3 days before us. On the last day as we said our goodbyes, not a smile was cracked, nor was a hug given. So just as my mom had taught me, I picked her up, squeezed her tight and told her that I loved her. Vans were loaded and the little girl just stared as the vans pulled out without a trace of feeling noticeable on her face. Fast forward just a little bit to August 2014. God provided BIG TIME. With a $1,000 donation and my renewed passport coming in just days before the trip. I knew God was going to do something huge in and through me on this trip. Day two came faster than I could blink and it was time to visit the children’s home. When I stepped off the van I was attacked with hugs and kisses from the sweet girl I had met just months before. She was happy, loving, giggly and everything else a 4 year old should be. God had done such work in her in just 5 short months. She was a new kid. We spent the week together laughing, hugging, kissing, playing and just enjoying our time together. Night 5 came and I sat across from a sweet friend, Ali, explaining to her that the trip was almost over and God hadn’t used me in huge way like I just knew that he would. Day six passed, day seven and then it was time to go. On the plane ride home, I found myself discouraged, asking God why he didn’t do something big through me that week.  I felt His presence in such a surreal way and I heard Him speak clearly to my heart… “I didn’t send you to Haiti to move mountains, I sent you to love and be loved by that little girl.” I was stunned.  Wozy was the very reason I was there, the reason my funds were provided, and the reason I was called to be a part of that team. He wanted her to know how very special she was. Please help me by purchasing a tshirt or just making a donation to help me hold this precious baby in my arms in May! 

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