Thursday, April 18, 2013

Simple Things

Counting down the days (literally) until the end of school (25) and making plans for L to come end of June. While she is here we are planning a fun time and can't wait to watch her get to experience new things for the first time. 
One of the most humbling things for us with Sveta was watching her experience things she never had before.

Simple things like:

The grass.
Being able to have her own room.
Being allowed to have a cup with her meals (they were always given drink after their food)
Eating cold things. Like Ice Cream.
Waiting for the ice cream truck to drive through the neighborhood.

Fireworks on July 4th.
Shoes that fit.
Bubble baths.
Warm water for her bath. Instead of cold water. Recently, I asked her why she would scream when we first tried giving her a bath. She said "mommy, the water was always cold at my "old house" and I was scared"
A flushing toilet. (instead of a little bucket/seat)
Underwear she didn't have to share.
Bedtime stories.
Swimming in a pool.
Having her hair brushed. Gently. Instead of quick/rapid tugging.

Being allowed to get her own water from the refrigerator...whenever she wanted. Even if it was a well used cup. She didn't care. 

She would find plastic cups in the pantry. Fill them with water and sit in that little chair. Each time, with a different pair of shoes that were beautiful to her. This one brings tears to my eyes. Oh, the things we take for granted.

Having a closet with clothes that fit. Not a cubby with a number. (She was #6)

Her first time watching brother play hockey.

Falling asleep, content, in a big comfortable chair, after playing outside with her sister.

People say Sveta is lucky to have us.
But the truth is, we are so much luckier to have her.

So many simple things we take for granted. 

Looking forward to having L here and all the fun times ahead.

Planning a yard sale for May 11th. For area friends it will be held in Athens. We are going to welcome donations of yard sale items and hopefully have a big success. 

We are so thankful for any donation amount.

All proceeds over what we need for hosting expenses will go into Circle of Hope's Eyes Wide Open program which provides adoption support to eligible families.

For more information on Circle of Hope please leave a comment in the comment section with your email and I will reply to you via email.

Thank you for your continued prayers for L.

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