Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guess Who's......

Coming to visit us for the summer?!

Meet...Beautiful L!

Last week, after weeks months of prayer and thinking insanity had taken a permanent seat in my mind because its been a mind boggling three months.....waiting on clear direction from the only voice we should ever listen to, our Father in Heaven, we made the decision to host L.


In the midst of chaos and our limited understanding of His plan-

He has given us peace.



L is living in Eastern Europe and is chosen to be one of the kids coming to the U.S. under a hosting organization called Children's Cultural Connection

Many of you know us personally, walked with us during our adoption, and know how adopting Sveta completely, amazingly, in a humbling & altering way, changed our lives and opened our eyes to the fatherless. 

Sveta made us open to WHATEVER God chooses to lay on our hearts.

Whatever, God! We are here waiting. Ready for you to yell GO.

Right now, He has asked us to host L. 

We said yes!

We are excited about L spending the summer with us and know we will be beyond blessed by having her spend six weeks in our family. 
This will be completely new to us - hosting. 
For about a year we have read about hosting and thought about it but the timing was just never on track. 

Until now. 

From Children's Cultural Connection website: Hosting is a wonderful opportunity to bring hope and show unconditional love to an orphaned child. The child experiences the love of a family, many for the first time. They learn about functional families and functional relationships. Whether or not they are able to be adopted, it's our hope that the children are blessed by a relationship with the families for years to come.  They learn English, get eye and dental care, and experience the simple childhood pleasures that they have never been able to experience before.

A family who knows L has generously offered a $500 grant toward hosting L and we are now working on the rest of the hosting expenses, $2200, which covers L's airfare, visa, passport and health insurance while here. 

We are saving up money as quickly as we can but any support we would be tremendously grateful for.

We are planning a few fundraisers to raise the money for hosting. 

It is very humbling to ask for help. 

We would rather help others.

I truly feel it does take a village of God's people saying "Whatever, God!" 

to accomplish any of His commands to care for the fatherless.

We are humbled and thankful for your help.

Our fundraisers have to be quick but we have a couple planned in the next few weeks. Working on details with a yard sale and hopefully a couple of other blessings.

 They will be local to our area. 

Thank you for keeping precious L in your prayers.

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