Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Who's and the Why's

Who are we???? And why/how were we led here???

These are a couple of the questions I have had.

Well...we are boring. We love where we are and following the path God has placed us on.

We have three sweet hearted children. Two are still walking with us here on earth. Emma is our "Little Bit" who blessed us for nearly four years with her amazing life. Emma had cockayne syndrome - rare but not as rare as most think! She wasn't defined by a diagnosis and our family was never defined by having a child with medical and special needs. Emma was LIGHT, LOVE and HOPE. She taught us every day.

 And she never spoke a word.

Our faith is the cornerstone to our existance and we know we will see her again. Our Mighty Lord loves Emma more than we could ever begin to love her here on earth.

We wouldn't change a thing.

 Our children make us smile
We love having children and look forward to filling our home with more. Organized Chaos is something we embrace and WELCOME!!!

How in the world did you find your way to the adoption journey and Little One???

Long story short - God. Has weaved it all for HIS GLORY!

We found out about a little girl, Julia, with the same syndrome as our daughter Emma ...cockayne syndrome. Julia needed a family. God used her to lead us to people who later would lead us to Little One. We knew she was ours from the minute we laid eyes on her.
We have come to this point after much prayer and God has given us PEACE about adopting Little One all the while growing great LOVE in our hearts for her.
Something only our mighty God has done. We are not crazy, though worldly views may see it that way. (here emerges my Amish addiction)

We are filled with peace.

We are humbled to be on this journey, we know not everyone will understand the why's. 


The Tam Family said...

I wish I could have met Emma. It sounds like she was like my sister, she lit up a room by just being in it. Merry Christmas, Grits. We will see them again one day, just not yet. God has some amazing things in store for us. Paisley and Sveta, look out!

Love wins,
Renee Tam

Rachel said...

So excited for you and for Sveta! I am happy that cute little Sveta will have a family to show her the love of her Heavenly Father! Praying for your family that you can bring your sweet little girl home soon!

Christine said...

I am glad I told you about Julia! You didn't adopt Julia, but you are now getting another girl for your family. I am glad both those girls are going to be orphans no longer!!!