Wednesday, December 29, 2010


and not through the snow anymore...but through paperwork. Oh my, it's the biggest paperchase of our lives. I sent our first papers to be apostilled this morning. I had no idea what "apostilled" meant before this and now know way too much about the process to get a big gold sticker on notarized documents. I don't even want to say how much I paid to send 12 papers to a city four hours away....must begin fundraising SOON!

In addition to the paperwork, we have been working on our homestudy assignments and are working on rooms. Paige and little one will be sharing a room and Paige is thrilled at the prospect of this! Paige's former room is now officially a
huge PINK playroom!
The kids original playroom is larger, and will now be the girls room. However it is a lovely shade of BLUE and as soon as we have it re-painted I will post pictures! We are making progress but it still seems like a hurry up and wait process. All the while God is teaching us through this. 

About allowing Him to order our steps and not become wrapped up in our own agendas. Reminding us we love because He first loved us. Showing us how love grows and grows, and there is always enough to give no matter how many children come into our home, hearts and arms. God is leading us to people who have been praying for Sveta for many months and this is a tremendous comfort. So much support...we are so humbled and thankful.

He is covering us with a blanket of LOVE through an incredible network of family, friends - some of which we have never met in person. Amazed every day. 

One sweet mama who spent time in little one's orphanage sent us these messages "She is adorable, very smart and just so sweet. She was fun and has a giggle that makes you smile! I cannot wait to see her home. She studied us so much when we were there, and would softly say, 'Al***'s mama' when she wanted my attention."
and this.....
"She's just a love! She's a smiley girl. By the time we left she would come running up to me and want a hug and high five!" 
Is it all worth it??  The paper chasing, the headaches which come with international adoption, the things we haven't even come to yet?  
We are thanking the Lord for placing us on this journey, for showing us more and more of His heart for orphans. Thankful for growing in us a love for the place which is Little One's heritage. For already creating in us, a love toward the people who have been caring for her. Amazed at how God continues to reveal to us His character and a Love we can't even begin to fathom here on earth. 
Thank you everyone who are praying and showering us with support.
  Blessings Friends...whatever you are walking through good or bad, may you feel the Lord pursuing you and drawing you closer to Him. 


Five Cajuns and a Fundraiser said...

Hey Grits, can you come to my house and dash through some paperwork for me? So thankful for finding a friend in you. You have such a wonderful heart, can't wait for Sveta to hug her Mom for the first time...Can you even imagine being her age and not ever having a momma?? Okay, now I've gone and made myself sad...Love your heart, so glad you let this sweet girl find her mom in you.

Love wins,
Renee Tam

Becky said...

It's absolutely worth it! Even in our darkest adoption hours when we felt like giving up, now those times don't seem so dark that it's all over, and the real journey has begun! the paperwork doesn't seem so daunting if you take it one at a time. Keep a folder with sticky note tabs. Print the dossier checklist and tape it to the front. Number each page with a sticky note in order of the checklist and cross them off as you complete them! Seriously this kept my sanity and kept everything in order and CLEAN! Lol!

travcat said...

Praying Sveta will come home soon!