Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let It...

White Christmas in the South!
Beyond Amazing.
Family, Fun, Laughter, Food,
Candy. Sweets.
So much excitement. Must Sleep. Tiny hands. Sweet hearted little girl.
Children screaming with Joy. Covered in SNOW.
Good. All Good!!! All God's creation smiling.

Raising hands in JOY!!!
We woke to snow on the ground and didn't think much of it. But the snow continued to fall and fall. And fall. For hours. A BLANKET of beauty. Absolutely amazed at HIS beauty. Sveta, even though we haven't met you we are MISSING you and need you to be home. We love you baby girl...we realized today your birthdate is the same as our very special Uncle Albert - in heaven for two years. God woke me today, on Christmas with this knowledge. Albert is such a huge part of us finding you...amazed you have his same birthdate.

When They Saw The Star They Were Overjoyed...Matthew 2:10

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!



Five Cajuns and a Fundraiser said...

Oh how I wish it would snow here... Send me a snowball in the mail, Grits. :)

Love wins,
Renee Tam

Adeye said...

Merry christmas, friend. So excited to follow you to Sveta--beautiful little angel girl :)

Sofie said...

Dear Eli and Kim,

I think I have found some pictures of little Sveta on the blog of another adoptive family:

I wish you the very best,


Christine said...

Here in Connecticut we had no snow for Christmas, yet had a blizzard immediately afterward.