Monday, April 7, 2014


While researching jobs in non profit organizations (that's another post!) I came across this video called was created to bring awareness and encouragement to foster parents. However...I feel it is helpful for adoptive families also. It gave me another level of understanding, a reminder of some of the things (and the fact there are things we will NEVER know) children have walked in before coming into adoptive and foster homes.  

It's not easy to watch but it is truth.  

Children who don't deserve the ugly things that they have journeyed through.  

Children who need a level of understanding, therapy and compassion which families are often not prepared for when adopting.

I'm curious...if you are an adoptive parent or foster parent what has your agency & social workers done to prepare your family in finding support for your child and entire family - emotionally, physically and mentally?

Watch ReMoved...but be prepared to cry.

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