Friday, August 30, 2013

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. - Aibileen Clark

All children need an Aibileen Clark in their life. Speaking words of love, kindness and truth. I watched The Help shortly after we came home from Ukraine with SJ. For the past two years I have been able to put her little face in my hands and whisper similar words to her. Every single day. 

She knows she is kind, smart, important. Loved. She is safe. She knows her Daddy in Heaven loves her and her Daddy on earth adores her. She knows her mommy loves her beyond measure. She is home. But so many children are without an Aibileen Clark, they live with no voice of truth, no comfort and no love. 

This past summer we hosted a beautiful 15 year old girl. Her story is hers to tell. I know as she grows older she will impact the Kingdom of God. The past three weeks we have gone from a home with four children to a home with three again. It has been an emotional adjustment and a time of reflection. 

Driving home from the airport three weeks ago I listened to my nine year old sob for three hours, missing Luda. Grieving. I cried also as I thought about our time with Luda. I realized that even though we are not perfect - we are loud, life is messy & so is the house sometimes...Luda experienced great love here.

We were her safe place to fall. The arms that wrapped around her when no words would come. The comfort when tears overcame her. The voices that told her she is loved, precious, smart, important, kind, compassionate, talented, beautiful, adored...even when she doesn't think so. Even when she makes mistakes, even when we do. She knows it is okay to make mistakes. She is loved. We were the voices that told her how much her Daddy in heaven loves her.

For the first time in her 15 years we were her Aibileen Clark. The comfort and love every child needs. 

We took her back to the airport three weeks ago and watched as she and 11 other children slowly slipped out of sight. Not knowing what their future would become. Sobbing children and families. We watched young children as they put on their brave faces and began the journey back to a place so very far away. Children who have had so much pain in their lives. I wondered, as I watched them waving and calling many goodbyes have they had in their short lives?

We watched heartache come to life. 

In the midst of pain we give the glory to God and know He has orchestrated every step.

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