Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The W word.

I'll be honest. I'm impatient. 

I don't enjoy the "W" word. 


And for the past year 1/2 I've been waiting. 

On God.

For direction. Clarity. Vision. 

During the Winter of 2012 God allowed me to see the picture of a little boy. He was with a group of kids my friend had met while doing a mission trip. Her children and a group of kids sat on a couch grinning for the camera. On the end was a little boy.

A little boy named Danil. What was it about this little boy, the one holding onto a lotion bottle with a yearning look in his eyes, I wondered?  

I began to pray for him. Was he our child? No. God was very clear. 

So I waited. And prayed. And prayed. For his future family. 

Danil's name was common in our home. 

For months, we stared at the wall atlas in the kitchen where one of the kids had written across the country of Ukraine, "Danil needs a family."  

And we prayed.

Some days I would wonder WHY is he still there Lord??? 

Months turned into a year. 

This summer Danil's family found him. They are home now, with Danil, tucking him into bed at night. 

For so long I wondered if I should keep praying for this child who I had never met, only seen a picture of...or just give up. 

Never Give Up. 

While we are waiting, God is working.

I need to remind myself of ^ sentence often. 

I need to stamp it on my forehead and scrawl it across every mirror in the house.

This summer we hosted a beautiful young lady. We know God brought her to our home for a reason but know in our hearts she is not meant to be our child. God is weaving a beautiful story of her redemption. We can't wait to see His work come to life!

She is not ours, we know.

And so we wait. Again. 

Eyes wide open, deep in the trenches of waiting. 

On God.

To give us absolute blessed reassurance on what we feel He has pierced our hearts over.

Another child God brought into our life this summer. She is in our prayers as we try to make a decision. 

Waiting on God. 

Direction. Clarity. Calm and Absolute Knowing.

Did I mention I am impatient? 

Endurance. Steadfastness. Patience. 

Waiting. For endurance, holding steadfast to His promise that what he began in our heart, he will complete, and patience in His timing, to do thorough work in our hearts. 

Trusting in His plan.

Waiting on Him.

"But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing."

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