Friday, August 9, 2013

Where Did It Go?


How have nearly three months passed since the kids flew out of the school, SJ with cookie cake remnants left on her face from the summer birthday celebration on the last day of school, Paige with her backpack trailing behind her as she talked non stop about the beach, Texas and a special visitor's arrival.

It has been a summer filled with family, friends and mixed emotions!

Last day of kindergarten and 3rd grade

Spending time with precious family in Texas...I leave a piece of my heart there every time we have to come back home.

Texas heat/extreme humidity calls for desperate measures. Solution = giant slip n slide. 

And home made ice cream

Little One turned six this summer!! This summer we celebrated two years of having this little firecracker in our family! 

Beach fun with friends

Thankful for the time the Lord has given us this summer, the bonds we have made with those God has brought into our lives the past few months and looking forward to school starting back.

Did I just say that? The "s" word? One going back to public school, homework, after school activities and so much more. 

Definitely looking forward to a new season, cooler weather and all the fun Fall brings. 

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