Thursday, May 3, 2012

Even. More. Broken.

I prayed for God to break my heart for what breaks His. That's no secret. It all began the fall of 2010 when I read the story of a little one who had the questionable diagnosis of Cockayne Syndrome. God used one little girl to lead Eli and I to a family who would later lead us to Sveta.

What I didn't know the fall of 2010 was how God would continue to completely shatter my heart and open my eyes.

I am thankful for being broken.

Why on earth would anyone want that? Because it is very possible to see raw images, read horrifying stories of children all over the world - orphans and children who are not orphans but living in horrid poverty, no access to food, clean water, children living in deplorable conditions. Its very human to feel incredible compassion and sadness...but to go to bed at night with a million things on a "things to do the next day" list pouring through your mind but settle into a deep sleep, forgetting the horrible images you have seen.

That was always me until that fall of 2010. Compassion yes, action no. I didn't feel "called" never realizing we are all called - finally God opened my eyes and showed me we are COMMANDED to rise up and be the army here on earth and DO SOMETHING.

Since we returned home with Sveta last summer I have asked the Lord to continue to break my heart.

And just when I feel there isn't a way my heart can possibly be shattered any more God opened my eyes to Pleven Orphanage in Bulgaria.

 Oh. My. Soul. Children literally wasting away. I am shattered because I once had the honor of being mama to a little bird of a tiny girl, she lived to the age of three and never weighed over 13 lbs. But she was always, always HELD in my arms. Every time I see a child with any kind of condition which deems them incapable of learning by their society, and destined for a "laying room" I break inside knowing its JUST NOT TRUE. That there is SO MUCH more they can do with LOVE, and proper therapies.

I don't even have the words, its so close to my heart.

God is raising up an army.

And there IS a way to help the children in Pleven.

Click HERE to help raise money for nurses and Baba's (grandmother) in Pleven orphanage and find out more.

Be prepared to be broken.  

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Brandee said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have cried many tears over these hostages in Pleven. I have followed several of the advocates for their release. It is truly amazing to watch God rise up for these little ones.
AND I am so very glad to have made contact with you... I am really looking forward to what God has planned for our friendship!