Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Emma's Homecoming

Seven years ago weak from pneumonia and her body exhausted from the affects of Cockayne Syndrome, our little girl danced into the arms of Jesus. Many of my family and friends from Texas made the journey to Alabama for Emma's funeral. Once my Uncle Jerry returned home to Texas, after Emma's funeral, he says the Lord awoke him in the middle of the night. He sat down with pen and paper, words poured out along with a flood of tears and insight into God's amazing love for Emma as he wrote something very special for our special little girl. I have always cherished his words...Emma Catherine (Little Bit) taught us love doesn't look at a person's abilities or "dis"abilities, differences or capabilities - but to look at people on the inside, through God's eyes.

Tribute to Emma
By Jerry McDonald

Emma was sent here from above by her Creator and Lord, like a little lamb, innocent, sinless without a spot or blemish just as the One who sent her. She was handpicked and predestined for a mission on this earth, and she came prepared to do that job.
She came to teach, to teach everyone who would listen about hope, faith and love.
The Bible says love is the greatest of these.
Emma wasn't a very strong little girl; she didn't have the abilities of a normal child. Walking was something Emma never did; she didn't have to, because Love carried her anywhere and everywhere she needed to go. You see, being so small and tiny it was easy for anyone to carry her. Her little arms and hands were weak also, but that really didn't matter much. It only took a little touch from her to melt the coldest heart.
Hearing was another little problem, but again it didn't matter. Hearing may be necessary for learning but not for teaching and teaching is what Emma did.
Speaking was also something Emma couldn't do but it really didn't matter at all. 
She got her message across just fine.
Many people learned a lot from this child.
Her message was about Hope, Faith and Love.
Emma's hope was not of this world. This earth and all things in it will pass away one day. 
Emma's Hope was in her Lord and Savior and eternal in the Heavens.
Her faith was in His promises, that whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.
There is no doubt about Emma's salvation.
Her love was the tool she use to teach with during her short stay with us.
Some three years or so, close to the same amount of time as her Lord's ministry.
Emma's eyesight wasn't that great...but she had a crystal clear view of her master's plan.
She knew what to do and when to do it. 
She also knew when it was time to leave.
When her word was over she would return to the one who sent her.
Her homecoming was different though...she returns in a perfect little body, running to the outstretched arms of her Heavenly Father. 
He gently picks her up, wraps her in a blanket of his Almighty amazing grace and says,
"My dear little Emma. Welcome HOME, my good and faithful little servant. Thank you for doing such a remarkable job. Thank you so much, my little one."

A remarkable job indeed, little Emma.

Emma's tiny hand in her daddy's

Peyton, Paige and Emma

 She loved school and being the center of attention!

Love you sweet girl. Thank you for everything you taught us....


kate said...

oh, k. i am sobbing. she is so precious. praying for you. so thankful for the gift she was. i wish i could have met her!

Mommy Grits said...

Thank you Kate, we are thankful indeed for the time the Lord gave us here on earth.

Becky said...

My goodness she had some blue eyes! Beautiful little girl, she is still teaching!
And remarkable, indeed!