Sunday, May 29, 2011

Praise God and A Who Is Listening?

First, praise God! Apparently many folks came forward and helped the Tam family put their adoption funds over the top while Renee was on a short internet hiatus! I had no idea there was some wild things going on until a friend asked if I had seen how much money Paisley's account had gotten up to! I hadn't seen....because I hardly ever know what's going on! Renee is always, always helping others so it was awesome to see this great news...and their dossier is heading to a far away land at this very moment!!! I cannot tell you how much I am going to bawl when I see pictures of Renee holding her little girl Paisley for the first time. for the next thing...I had to snag this post from Becky's blog, with her permission of course....I loved, loved her words.

Thunderstorms and morning light

Remember being scared as a kid? Waking up to thunder shaking the house and lightening flashing like a paparazzi mob outside? Or maybe a scary dream tore you from your slumber. Possibly waking up in the middle of the night ill, calling out to your mom. Calling out to your mom who you knew would race into your room and hold you, calm you, help you. That feeling of no matter what happened in the dark of the night, mom or dad would be there to comfort you. It was like morning light breaking through the darkness.

I often think about the kids still in orphanages around the world. Who comforts them when they wake from a bad dream? Who holds them if they are afraid of thunder and lightening? What happens if they are ill at night? Who is there to comfort them? They may have a nanny or a caretaker who is there overnight.... but does that compare to a mom and a dad? Does a caretaker take the time to comfort every child at every need? Its nearly impossible, and doesn't happen.

Children, regardless of age, race, disability or where they are in the world, NEED homes. They NEED a mom and a dad to care for them. They NEED to know that no matter what, someone will be there for them, night or day, scared, hurt, sad, angry or happy.

As I type this, a little 4yr old girl is sitting on my lap. Six months ago this girl wouldn't cry when hurt, she didn't show emotion, she kept herself guarded. But just today she spent 1/2 hour throwing a tissy because her brother smacked her in the arm when she was in his face. And she has a scab on her elbow that she's been nursing for a good four days, making sure to show it to everyone who looks at her, and some who don't. She seeks us out now when hurt, sad, angry or scared. She brings her blanket to me during the day saying 'mama wets nuggoo' (mama lets snuggle). She asked to be picked up and held, she knows what it feels like to be loved. Fully, unconditionally, and forever. She's starting to realize that comfort is something she wants.

Thats after only six months. 147,000,000 orphans wait in this world for a family. You don't have to be rich, have a big house, drive a fancy SUV, or be perfect. You don't have to be thin and have great hair. You don't have to be anything spectacular! Being someone's comfort, someone's stability, someone's MOM.... that makes you spectacular. Providing love, a home, a family. That is what kids want. Regardless of age, race, disability, or where they are in the world. A family.

God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called. Are you listening?

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