Tuesday, April 12, 2011


"Love Grows"
That was Paige's answer to the social worker's question "what do you think about having another brother or sister?"  way back when we were having our home visit last winter.
Yes Paige, it does.
We have so much love to go around.
Somewhere in between piles of paperwork and waiting I find myself dreaming of the day Little One will be here. Another child added to the mix of chaos and calm (wait...calm? what am I talking about?)
I love the things my kids do (well, most of the time...)
When I find things like this...I have to grab my camera.
Someday I pray Little One will be right in the middle of the pictures...with Peyton and Paige.
I pray that soon we will be taking pictures of all the funny things she does. Like this...

Paige's imagination in action. Why are the babies covered in bandaids?

Little Mommy...she can't wait to have a little sister to love.

Christmas Eve...sprinkling "reindeer food" in the lawn for Santa's arrival. Will Little One be here this coming Christmas??

Paige's birthday...we look forward to the day we can sing Happy Birthday to Little One!

One of our very favorite family destinations...Destin, Florida! We go every summer. The kids
play in the sand, the water, the pool. It's a week of relaxing and so much fun. What will Little One think of the ocean?!

We are waiting for you Little One...waiting for the day you will tuck your own dollies into your own little bed.

Love Grows Little One.

We are waiting to wrap you up in our arms and never let you go.


Becky said...

Aw, for some reason I'm so emotional today and this made me tear up! I'm positive she will be home before Christmas! We nipped 'er close last year, getting home the day before Halloween, but it was perfect. Just like her homecoming will be too! <3

Renee said...

Love grows, love wins, love finds a way...

Yes it does...