Monday, April 25, 2011

And She Waits

How many more days, months will she have to wait for us to scoop her into our arms, whispering to her in a language she won't even understand "we have come for you".

                                                   Little One...we are coming for you.
But before we can get to her we have to raise money.

It is not impossible.
But friends, there is a mountain in front of us.
We have had several fundraisers and have basically broke even.
Some fundraisers haven't even raised a penny.
Not a single penny.
So, I am asking for your help. Ideas? Advice? Input for Fundraising.
I have considered selling t-shirts, having a yard sale, bake sale, selling enchiladas, doing an online auction but with goodness knows what...
the only thing we have right now is a autographed picture of Peyton Manning!

Every grant I have looked into we don't qualify for.

We don't have a ton of credit cards which is a good thing I guess but don't even have enough to get cash from!
Airline miles??? No clue how to go about that. All I know is we don't have any and don't have the contacts to advise us.

Time is running out.
And she waits.
It's looking bleak.
Not giving up hope. Praying for God to open a door and lead us.


The Monier Family said...

I am so sorry that you are having a rough time with the fundraising. I have to say that the Key Lime Pie fundraiser is popular and works well. I've made a few hundred just from that alone. If you make yummy enchiladas then maybe, just maybe that is a good idea:) Maybe you can do a meal delivery: make a main dish, side and dessert plus delivery for a fee. Sometimes you will get more than what you are asking because people know that there is a lot of work involved with making food;o)
Yard sales, if done well, can make a nice chunk of change!
How about a bake sale? Maybe some of the ladies from your church could pitch in on that one?
Cash for gold (and silver, too!)?
A Kindle, iPad, Wii, Flip video camera, etc... blog giveaway could work.
Praying for you!!!!

Becky said...

You are still welcome to do a fundraiser with my Etsy! :)

And I LOVE this picture of baby girl! She's so very sweet!

Renee said...

Whatever it is, you know I am in. I'm here.