Saturday, April 9, 2011

On My Mind...

Three little girls.
On my mind, their families in my prayers. 
Only one did I get to meet here on earth, one I got to call my own "little bit"
There are times you know God has orchestrated meeting others as part of His great plan.
Two years ago I stumbled upon a website called "Hanna's Dream" and the picture of a little girl, Hanna stopped me. There was something in Hanna's smile, a light in her eyes which drew me in. 
 I continued to read about Hanna's dream and ultimately, the tragedy which took Hanna's life on
April 17, 2009.
I saw the date of Hanna's birth and knew why God had led me there.
May 22, 2002.
Emma passed away on May 22nd.
I wrote Hanna's mom, Robin and after some time I heard from her.
Robin is one of those people you just feel like you have known forever.
We were connected by a date in time, and our girls who dance in heaven.
There are times I am driving and literally see Hanna's face.
I don't know yet why God led me to Robin and to know about Hanna but I know it is for a
Next week, on Sunday, April 17th it will be the two year anniversary of Hanna passing away.
My prayers and thoughts are and will be with my sweet friend Robin. Please keep her in your prayers. She continues to do wonderful work in Hanna's memory through their non-profit organization - Hanna's Dream. Hanna dreamed this organization to life when she was just SIX years old.
 An amazing little girl.
Hanna May Cini
Walk slowly now, small soul, by the edge
  of the water. Choose carefully
  all you are going to lose, though any of it would do.
Jane Hirshfield

Emma Catherine Houser our "Little Bit"
"The truest measure of life is not in its length but the fullness in which it is lived."

Today I am keeping one family close in prayer. The Dahlen family's little girl Abigal would be turning three today. She went to the Lord two days after her birthday last year after a tragic accident.
My heart has mourned for this family and the pain they are walking through.
The first year after a child passes away is perhaps the most excruciating pain and honestly
it defies human words.
Simply...there are no words for a heart which is ripped out of one's body.
It is a primal, horrifying brokenness one never ever wants another parent to experience.
I don't talk much here about the darkness which is the loss of a child. But I am so thankful for how
the Lord has grown and stretched my image of motherhood over the years since Emma passed away.
The Lord has never left us, never forsaken us and from pain so much
JOY has come.
I am praying for the Dahlen family today, for their sweet children who will forever miss their sibling.
Praying for them to have comfort knowing the heavens are singing a glorious song today, Abigal's birthday.
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Abigal.
To offer the Dahlen support please visit their blog at

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Renee said...

Your blog isn't updating on my blog so I am just now reading prayers are with you. You have such an amazing heart.

Love wins,