Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's In a Name? A Teaser...

Little One will keep her given name which I know I am not saying right now but I think it is here and there in the blog...if you look for it maybe.

We are very careful to not give out certain information about Little One or where she is as it must remain confidential. In no way do we want to disrespect far away lands regulations.

BUT...last night Little One's middle name came to me. For months we have been considering adding a middle or first name to Little One's give name. I have had my favorites but they were all shot down.

Piper? I LOVE it. Family said NO!
Selah? NO!
Payley? NO!
Phoebe? NO!
I gave up for a couple of months.
Then last night I was staring at her picture. Lopsided little piggy tails. Big blue eyes.
And God gave me her name.
Here is where I am not being nice to you my friends...I'm not telling!! I looked up the meaning of the name.
The one God whispered.
Want to know what it means?
"The Lord increases"
"God multiplies"
It fits her perfectly.


Crystal said...

That is awesome. Now I am going to go look up all the names with that meaning. :)
I wish we could come up with a middle name. I've thought of like 15 and Josh doesn't like any of them.

Karen said...

this is just plain cruel:) I am going to look it up...haha!!

I totally believe God gives us the names for our children when we ask for them. I love that He revealed that to you! Isn't He just so sweet? I am assuming the family was on board with this one?...hehe:)

michelle said...

Eli already told me her middle's Boo boo :)