Monday, June 11, 2012

Sveta's Big Birthday Post..Finally!

You all want pictures right? Not my horrid commentary? But...for everyone new to our year ago Eli and I traveled across the Atlantic to adopt our little girl, Svetlana. We didn't know what to expect. I can't even say we were brave. We just jumped. And prayed. And prayed. And prayed. 
God yelled at us and we listened. 
We followed where He said to GO.
(We argued a LOT with God about this)
But ultimately, we obeyed. Listened. Humbled. Said yes.
Svetlana.Her history is hers to tell, all we know she will know. It's all hers to tell, if she chooses.

We call her many things now..Yetta. SJ. Setta Tetta. Sazetta. Goofball. Baby Gump. Chipmunk.Sveta Josie. We also call her loved, cherished, beloved, daughter, sister and we are honored to be her family. People say she is lucky. We feel...WE are the lucky ones. Sveta Josie turned our lives upside down, showed us a side of our Father in Heaven we never would have known, had it not been for her.

Adoption. Changes. Everything. 

It's not about us. Ever. 

Sveta came into our family like she has always been a part of it. Like she knew she belonged and we knew she was meant to be here. Funny how God does that.

Last weekend we had the JOY of celebrating Sveta's fifth "first" birthday at home! There was a "matroyshka" theme...why..because Sveta didn't know what in the heck a birthday was yet (imagine turning five and having no clue what a birthday or party to celebrate YOU is?). So, I came up with the theme. A Matryoshka is a Russian/Ukranian nesting doll. It has great meaning in their culture. 
And, its cute.Basically, that was my motivation. Cute.

So, for weeks we prepared. For a Matroyshka theme birthday. (next year..she can choose...Dora...Olivia..whatever...this year, Matroyshka!)

Then...the BIG day came!! Chubby cheeks turned FIVE!! (she still thinks her cheeks are called "chubbys" and doesn't know what the heck a cheek is)
Best Big Brother EVER. He got me a baby alive!!!!! But really..I just like to hug him!
A Dream Lites????Really?? THIS was the ONE thing I have been asking for you crazy family!!!

NO WAY. A CAR also???

Happy Fifth Sweet Girl...

 Her first birthday celebration. Look at that little face. !!!!!!

The sun was in her eyes. And she is quite dramatic! looks painful to smile.

Birthdays are FUN!!!
Really? The Ice Cream Guy shows up at my birthday????!!!!

Oh my goodness. I am tired. Will every birthday be like this??
Happy Birthday Sveta Josie...You are amazing, beautiful,special. And so much more. 

You are our little girl.

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Crystal said...

So sweet. Her birthday looked like so much fun.