Thursday, June 23, 2011

Humor. Must have humor.

Court is actually tomorrow at 11am! Somehow the dates/days got mixed up. So, when everyone in the US are sleeping we will be having court for Little One. We are so thankful for your comments on the blog, for your emails, prayers and support.

You can't imagine how much it means to have this link to home. I have been trying to comment on other people's blogs but it won't let me.

SO. If you are reading this...Renee..why are you moving?! I am having trouble with email also but can somewhat get email at our gmail account. And Michelle - I miss talking to you everyday!!!
The past two days have been rough I suppose. Just missing the P's and home. It's worth it for Little One but homesickness has set in big time.

We have to get by with humor though. Today we entertained an entire store of young girls simply by being complete idiots and not realizing we were buying conditioner when we needed body soap. The whole store of workers came up front to laugh and giggle when Eli picked up a bag of mason jar lids and said "whats this?!!!" They were colorful and had a big smiley girl mixing something in a bowl. I just kept repeating to myself "only two more weeks, only two more weeks."  We did manage to buy some shirts yesterday and the girls in the stores were really sweet, tolerant and helpful. I have no idea what Eli's shirt says though. Something like "Long Gone" but is spelled "Goun"


I ate an entire bowl of cabbage for lunch. It was delicious's cabbage.

I am not dead.


My allergies/sinues have been horrible so our driver took Eli to get some herbal remedy he said would "cure" it.  I believe I squirted some kind of tree leaf up my nose. Our driver kept saying it would work. He kept referring to a koala bear. How this all relates to my allergies I don't know.

Have mercy.

Must. Have. Humor.

At least we haven't been yelled at by a babushka.


Hey, we have two weeks. Who knows what will happen.

We missed our morning visit today because of my horrible sinus problems which seems to be turning into a head cold. The cigarette smoke is everywhere and is doing some major damage on me! Okay enough whining. You want pictures or a video right???

Pray for our court hearing tomorrow. Eli will be doing the talking. I will be trying to not keel over from being nervous!

This is Little One leading us to where she likes to have snack and play. You will hear a little of her ummm...leadership qualities in this as she tells me to "sit!" 

Remember us tomorrow - around 3am central time! Hope to have wonderful news in the next post...and...

Little One's FULL NAME!!! (which we again debated until literally an hour before Masha had to turn in the paperwork!)


The McEacherns said...

I'm sure the koala bear was a reference for eucalyptus! Keep laughing and you'll be fine! (By the way, congrats on not getting yelled at by a babushka yet. We got that a lot.)

Julia said...

Praying.... can't wait for the name debut!!!

Karen said...

Derek and I laughed so so hard at this. Oh man we needed that laugh as we are sitting in our hotel room also with allergy issues b/c of the air here and the cigarette smoke. Last night we desperately tried to pull up an episode of The Office so badly bc WE NEEDED A GOOD LAUGH!! thank you! that was awesome! Praying for court!!!

Becky said...

Bwahahahaha! Well I had the honor of being slapped in the shoulder by a babushka..... so don't think one won't get you in the next few weeks. LOL!
And I can't see the video! GAH I'm in little one withdrawal here! :) just kidding, but I can't wait to see it.
Oh, and when Sasha called us to get the info on Alina's full name we literally stood there and talked it out with her on the phone!
Can't wait to hear all about it!

Renee said...

Hey Girl!
We are moving...well almost moved FREAKING tired but I will write more later in an email..I don't know what I can't believe more, the fact that you have court tomorrow or you ate an entire cabbage...oh shizmoly I'll be praying for court, for you not to blow up in court after all that cabbage and for your nasty sinus issues...mine are hurting too..Give Little one a smooch from me and give Eli a pinch, although not when he's giving his speech...Good luck and much, much love...Renee

Heidi said...

Waiting to hear how it went!! Blogger has been giving me fits, too. Sorry to hear about your sinus problems. :( I have really been enjoying things here but the past few days I am feeling kinda done. I would kill for a cheeseburger and fries from Five Guys, or some American Italian food! LOL Have sent you a few emails but not since last week; I'm assuming you can't get them. Looking forward to hearing LO's full name!! We have court next Weds so we will announce after that too. :)