Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Fundraising and Postal Woes Part 2

I love coffee so when I saw this fundraising opportunity I wanted to try it out! Go to our family page and browse the site! Portions of the proceeds will go toward our adoption. Every little bit helps!!


Thank you for your comments on my "postal woes"! I am afraid they haven't ended...the UPS place called this morning and said they couldn't send it for some reason! They are still attempting to figure out just why they haven't been able to mail our documents. They did however suggest perhaps I fax the documents. Through gritted teeth I politely explained no I could NOT fax confidential, original, notarized, apostilled documents to a far away land.

I then proceeded to eat the only chocolate left in the house - semi-sweet bakers chocolate.

"The Joy of the Lord is your strength" Nehemiah 8:10

Holding onto the Joy of the Lord....


Five Cajuns and a Fundraiser said...

You have kids, you're a mom....and all you have is semi sweet bakers chocolate? What the hey, hey? I'm disappointed, Grits. Maybe you should start selling candy bars instead of coffee. All us depressed adopting moms would be your best customers... If it makes you feel any better, it took me two and a half hours to get a corrected passport photo. But I bought a small bag of coconut m&m's to combat the stress of it. Want an m&m, I think I still have a few :)

Love wins,
Renee Tam

Karen said...

Thank you for the sweet comment! Today was a wonderful day to read it....we started to feel overwhelmed by the paperwork and expense today. Your comment encouraged me...THANK YOU! We too are amazed by how God knits His people together...He is so very good! And btw...I laughed so hard at your postal woes entry...of course knowing I will be there shortly! Haha!!

Me said...

I did find some rolos in the pantry this morning! I had thrown out all the candy this weekend and was desperate for chocolate so semi-sweet bakers chocolate had to work..haha! Paperwork and expense...yep. It will all work out I know but I am wondering how much I could get for an autographed picture of Peyton Manning??? LOL.

Five Cajuns and a Fundraiser said...

I have to pass on Peyton.. sorry. But I am stealing your coffee selling idea. I signed up for it but how did you get your button that links your blog to your coffee store... ugh just email me tam.renee@yahoo.com


Amy said...

I found your through RR. God has laid it on my and my hubbies heart to adopt a special little girl. We are at the tip top beginning of the process...kinda scared and overwhelmed but at the same time so totally full of joy for the mighty works we've already seen God do. I am just reaching out to other families in this process. I have so many questions about fund raising as well as beginning process stuff. I wondered if you or any other families as I see some familiar names from my blog hopping would be open to e-mailing me? If so I'll post my address.

Either way, I just adore little Sveta and am enjoying reading your journey. :)

dziagwaincrease said...

First, yummy at the thought of coconut m&ms!! second, did they get the issue taken care of? Wonder why they are having problems. Third...it's all on God's time, continue praying through this issue and He'll deliver you. You never know what he was delaying to make the progress smoother. Can't WAIT to see that sweet girl home. I'm taking a trip to alabama after you're settled;)

Me said...

Amy, would be happy to talk to you. We are in the first stages as well.

The Peterson's said...

Thank you, my e-mail is sweetiepetey3@gmail.com

We are experiencing a lot of the same things that your more recent posts are talking about and I would love to have someone else who is "in it" and has the same heart to talk to. Thank you for being willing to share. :)